Organic Baby Food Business for Mommies in San Francisco; a Healthy Option

Organic baby food is in great demand in San Francisco. Most of the families have both working parents; as they cannot afford time to prepare healthy food for kids, they do want to buy from someone who is authentic and makes it with perfection.

So, forget about exploring more small business ideas for San Francisco and focus on this one. Believe me, this home based business idea is the one that can do wonders for you.

The best thing is the ease of setup; you can establish a small scale setup right in your home kitchen with investing much on equipment. But, yes, you do need to invest in buying supplies and marketing your business in the target community.


Be sure to get connected to farmers who provide you with fresh organic food items. You can always explore the insights of baby taste buds by trying on your own child!

To start well with the idea, here are some useful resources to go through:

San Francisco Small Business Center.

How to start a baby food business.

Organic Baby Food Startup Hits $1 M.

Locally made baby foods becoming big business.

Organic Baby Food Entrepreneurs on How to Make Your Business Dreams a Reality.

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