Increasing Online Sales with Some Tweaks in Existing Strategies

Increase in sales is the ultimate goal of any Marketing/Advertising/PR/Sales plan so it is important for each of the plan to complement the strategies of the other plan.

Not a single plan can be a huge success at once, and so we need to keep on tweaking the strategies and plan in order to maximize the results and increase sales through online marketing.

Being a marketer I always look for more tactics, tips and tricks which can help me develop better marketing plans and tweak the existing ones.

Below are the links to my latest readings for increasing online sales and tweaking the existing marketing plans techniques and develop a result oriented strategy.

online marketing strategy and tweaks


The list contains links from friends and non-friends as well as co-workers and non-co-worker experts, so there’s a huge variety.

How to Increase Your Revenue by 20% or More by Tweaking Your Sales Funnel

Developing Loyalty in Customers

Target Market Selection Segmentation and Positioning

Some tips by Sarah to Increase Repeat Sales Online. She also have some good points on Turning Your One Time Buyers into Loyal Customers.

Tweaking Your Holiday eComm Strategy

Aiza discusses how Effective Website Copy is Your First & Last Chance to Impress Your Visitors.

How To Raise Your Rates Without Losing Clients

Sundus is of the point that Customer Retention is a must for Sustainable Small Business Growth.

How To Use Growth Hacking To Attract and Retain Customers

Sam talks about building trust and suggests to Build Trust with Website Visitors If You Want More Sales.

Small Tweaks To Sales Approach Yield Big Returns For Baltimore Festival

Salwa as she always comes up with the missing connection points the design and conversion here: Should You Sacrifice Design Over Conversions?


Do not forget to check my earlier readings: Best Strategies to Increase Sales & Leads and How to Increase Sales in a Down Economy, just in case if you have missed them.

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