How to Use a Back Massager While Pregnant

Using a back massager during pregnancy is essential in order to relieve back pains and tensions in the shoulders. It also relieves stress associated with pregnancy by making one relax. Massaging should however be done cautiously if one is pregnant. This article gives a guide on how to use a back massager while pregnant. The best one to use is a hand held massager.

This article will focus on using a hand held massager for a pregnant woman.

Why a hand held massager?

A held massager is easy to use. A pregnant woman can use it especially in the upper body even without a helper. The hand held deep tissue percussion therapeutic massager however is not good especially in the first trimester of pregnancy as it can damage the fetus. The electric chair massager is also not good as it uses electric impulses and heat pads which may harm the fetus.

Sleep on a side or sit on a chair

To avoid putting too much a pressure on the baby, it is advisable that the pregnant person should not sleep on her stomach. The best position is to sit on a chair. If however sitting on a chair is a problem, the person should sleep on her side. The pregnant woman if having any opportunity should ask someone to help massage her. This is more beneficiary to points such as the feet and joints that are difficult to reach during pregnancy.

Places to be targeted

The places to be targeted for massaging include the back, shoulders and the lower body. Stomach massaging should be avoided at all cost. Even when there is pain in the stomach it is unsafe to massage it. It may lead to induced labor.

Time and Speed of massaging

The whole idea of massaging is of giving satisfactory results but at the same time not compromising the baby and the mother.

Massaging should be done in a slow manner. There is no need to rush the process. To avoid compromising the life of the baby, one massaging session should not be over 20 minutes. A maximum of 2 sessions per day are advised . Something above that is detrimental to both the baby and the mother.

Period of massaging

Massaging should usually be done after 12 weeks and before 36 weeks of pregnancy. The reason being that before 12 weeks and after 36 weeks massaging usual leads to induced labor. To avoid miscarriage and premature birth, it is necessary to stick to this timeline.


A back massager while pregnant can be an emotional and physical pain reliever. It is however not something that one can just do for the sake of doing. Caution should be practised as this can mean the loss of two precious lives. The most recommended massager is a hand held massager which is easier to use and less risky.

Sleeping on a stomach when massaging is a no go area as it may harm the baby. Massaging should not be done in a rushing manner but at the same time, not much time should be spent massaging a pregnant woman.

To protect the lives of the fetus and the mother, it is necessary to avoid massaging in the first trimester and after 36 weeks of pregnancy. To know more about neck and back massager visit

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