How to track your teen with iPhone monitoring apps?

It can be safely stated that teen age is a dangerous stage. It is a transitional phase in which they go through different phases. With the development of every other aspect, there is a chance that they will get distracted and get engaged in some kind of suspicious activities. That is why teen monitoring is essential. With the extreme use of the smart phone by each and every person of this society, the chances of getting engaged into doubtful activities are also increasing. As a parent, it is your responsibility to keep track of the activities of your children so that you can save them from any danger.

1- iPhone monitoring apps:

Some vendors provide you with the facility to monitor the activities of your children in an effective way. This teen monitoring will help in the creation of a safe environment for your children. There are a lot of iPhone monitoring applications such as Family Orbit or Teen Shield that can be used by the parents for effective monitoring.

2- Family sharing application:

Apple’s Family sharing application is a great way to get a hold over the activities that are being carried out in your family’s devices. Everything related to the sharing of photos, buying of applications from the app store can be controlled with this application. However, it does not allow you to monitor the messages of your children but still, you can have some control.

3- Enable restrictions:

Enabling restrictions on the mobile of your teen can do the teen monitoring. Just go to the settings, then click general. Select the restrictions options and set a password to enable it. Now you will be able to block different features and websites that you think may harm your child.

4- Find my friend:

Another iPhone monitoring application that can be used to locate your child is the Find My Friend app from Apple. By enabling this, you will be able to get the information about the location of the mobile phone. Get to know where your child goes.

5- Basic SMS monitoring:

The basic text messages monitoring with the help of online billing is another way to check where the messages of your child are sent and received. Although this will not allow you to get to know about the content of the message but still you will be able to know the recipient and the frequency of messages. The records of calls can also be checked and their durations will be represented in the online bill.

6- Paid monitoring apps:

iPhone has a lot of monitoring applications that can be used by paying a required fees. Once you have paid the fee, you will be able to use it for the teen monitoring. These applications include TeenSafe phone tracker, my mobile watchdog and pumpic etc.

All these are the iPhone applications that can be used for the monitoring of your child. However, you need to know that with the increased use of applications like WhatsApp, Snapchat and Kik, the hide and deletion of the message has become quite easy. Moreover, the monitoring of messages on these applications is also somewhat difficult. Some applications also have the disappearing feature that disappears all the photos and messages on your child’s phone. Make sure you adopt for the way that will allow the effective monitoring process.

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