7 Blogs Every Mompreneur Must Follow for Business Growth

I am a big supporter of women entrepreneurship, because I believe they can do it equally good as compared to their male counterparts. However, entrepreneurship is more challenging for women than it is for men; and that is for a variety of reasons.

The only way to meet entrepreneurial challenges is to be prepared for them and face them as you have an encounter. Sales and marketing stand at top when we talk about challenges faced by women entrepreneurs and so I thought to share my sources of knowledge, inspiration and help.

Here are the most trusted and authority marketing and business growth blogs that I am a big fan of.

1- HubSpot Blog; best-known for its software and primetime marketing conference, Inbound, the blog is an awesome resource for mommies doing business online.

2- Vero; with it highly effective email automation software, the blog is a great source of help if your business focuses more on email campaigns.

3- Kissmetrics; being a mompreneur you must be struggling with leveraging the analytical data available data. This blog sifts through the numbers, to expose mistakes your current suite of metrics can’t account for.

4- Hootsuite; with its social media automation software, the Hootsuite blog helps you optimize your social media campaigns for better ROI.


5- Moz; whether you are running a content based site, i.e. blog or an ecommerce website, the search traffic matters most. The Moz blog helps entrepreneurs to outperform in the battle with search engines.

6- Marketing Land; the blog covers marketing and tech development, ensuring that your content strategy fits well with customer needs.

7- Duct Tape Marketing; the blog covers everything from brining in your first consumer to growing and expanding your business to new horizons.

Being a regular reader of these blogs will surely boost your confidence being an entrepreneur as you’ve enough insights of business growth and marketing strategies!

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