5 Tips on How to Make Eyelash Extensions Last 4 Weeks

Many women are now considering eyelash extensions to enhance their beauty. Eyelash extensions are also practical because they eliminate the need to apply mascara or false lashes. They’re also an immediate solution since there’s no need to wait for a growth serum to do the job.

The durability of your eyelash extensions depends on the after-care you give them. The following are 5 tips on how to make eyelash extensions last 4 weeks.

Tip #1: Select Lighter Individual Lashes
Gina Bisignano, eyelash extension expert, recommends purchasing lighter eyelash extensions. According to Bisignano, it’s best to purchase lashes ranging from .05 mm to .07 mm. Since heavier lashes are more likely to peel and fall out, the lighter ones will, without a doubt, stay on longer.

Tip #2: Sleep on Your Back
Your sleeping position is very important when trying to prolong the life of your lash extensions. If you sleep on your back and face up, your extensions are far less likely to be damaged. You should avoid pulling a blanket up over your face because that can damage your extensions as well. Never dive onto a pillow with your face down, since that may crush and modify the shape of your extensions. Lastly, sleeping on your side may cause your lashes on the side you sleep on to fall out faster than the ones on your other eye.

Tip #3: Oil-Based Products Around Your Eyes Are a No, No
Shellyann Bainlardi, owner of The Lash Loft in New York City, advices people with eyelash extensions to never use oil-based products including lotions and sunscreen on the area around their eyes. Oil-based eye makeup including mascara should also never be used because the adhesive holding your extensions in place may weaken or melt, resulting in lash extensions falling out faster.

Since sometimes it’s difficult to know which makeup has oil and which don’t, it’s highly recommended to never apply makeup on your lash extensions.

Tip #4: Keep Your Eyelash Extensions Clean
Clean eyelash extensions means having them for a longer time! We recommend using a clean mascara wand and a lash shampoo that’s free of harsh chemicals. Your lashes will look better and maintain their original shape if you follow this suggestion.

Here are two steps for regularly cleaning your eyelash extensions:

Step 1:

Use a gentle cleanser that is both alcohol and oil-free. You can use a gentle face soap, foaming face cleanser, or baby shampoo. If you choose to use a foaming cleanser, dilute it with water in order to make it gentler. Cleansers specifically designed to clean eyelash extensions work best.

Step 2:

Begin washing your lashes by wetting them with warm water. Then, put a small amount of cleanser onto your fingertips. Gently and carefully work the cleanser into your lashes and eyelids. When working the cleanser into your lashes, use up and down movements. Side motions and tugging your lashes should be avoided. Being careful with your motions is necessary to avoid losing any extensions or damaging your natural eyelashes. Lastly, use warm water to rinse your lashes thoroughly, and don’t forget to clean your lash line, where dirt and bacteria usually build up.

Lastly, do not use wipes or cotton pads to clean your lashes. If the fibers of these materials stick to your lashes, it might be difficult to pick the fibers out without ripping out or loosening your extensions.

Tip #5: Dry Your Eyelash Extensions
You can simply allow your lashes to air dry after washing them if you wish. However, you can also dry them with a hairdryer. Set the dryer to a cool setting and hold the dryer at a comfortable distance from your extensions. Dry each set of extensions for approximately ten seconds.

The after-care of your eyelash extensions can determine how long your new lashes will last. Visit The Lash Professional to find ways to care for your lashes and make them last longer!

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