3 Low Cost Offline Marketing Ideas for Small Business Startups

It doesn’t matter what kind of business you are into, you obviously need online marketing of your business but offline marketing plays a vital role in growth of your business. But how can you promote your business offline? Here we will let you know about 3 ways by which you can promote your small business offline and can add more customers to even your small business.

1- Coupon, brochures, Handouts:

You can make coupons, brochures or handouts for you business that will cost you a little. You can distribute these brochures or handouts to places near your business as well to places where you know that you can get some potential customers for your business.

2- Word of mouth:

It can be the most important factor that influences patrons to use product or services. You can generate word of mouth by doing something extra ordinary like giving away services at half price than your competitors, or offering extra services with your regular services. But the only way to retain mouth of word is to keep providing extra ordinary services and products. When you provide something beyond your customer’s expectation they will act as a source of marketing for you by their words of mouth.

3- Promotional products:

Low cost promotional products will work well for business 2 business and business 2 customer businesses. Customers always get happy to have something free; sometimes customers only buy your product to get the free item with it (like you can take example of any food chain happy meal deal). In case of business 2 business dealing you can print some calendars, wall-clocks, t-shirts with your company logo to create a long remembrance of your brand.

You may want to check top promotional product ideas for brand marketing.

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