3 Important Tips to Take Care of Your Fur Coat

Everyone knows that fur jackets and coats are one of the classy pieces of clothing today. There is slight difference between traditional clothing items and fur coats. One needs to follow some special cleaning procedure for maintaining fur clothes for years to run and remain in good shape.

Stains as well as spots that appear on fur clothes are needed to be cleaner with in very short period of time so that small particular may not settle on fabric of coat.

Here are mentioned some of ways you can preserve your fur coat for long.

1- How to clean fur coats

In case your fur coat has been exposed to rain for long period of time, you need to let it dry. Store your fur coat using padded hanger at dry place which is not exposed to direct sunlight.

You need to remove all stains on the coat immediately just by dipping the same in little amount of mixture of soap and water. Do not hesitate to make multiple attempts for cleaning the clothes, in case when it is required.

There is need to use cold water only for eradicating coffee or paint stains. It functions quickly when it is mixed with some amount of detergent. You must create proper mixture when it is needed.

You can simply reach the dry cleaner shop for getting your fur coat professionally cleaned. However, not always this method will suit your budget.

2- Can you iron it?

You can use mild iron to get your fur coat to be smoother when it is messed up. You must avoid using lot of heat as it may damage the fabric and ruin the fur cloth.

You can also visit professional furrier available in the local area, in case you wish to store fur coat in best way. Usually expert furrier knows very well about the actual requirements of each type of fabric. They will suggest the best possible method for cleaning the fur cloth in most correct way.

3- Exposure to sunlight and storage

There is need to avoid over exposure of light on fur coat. It is because natural as well as artificial light usually can cause oxidation and fade the color of fur coat. It just not means that people cannot wear fur coat in daylight, just avoid storing your fur coat at the place having direct exposure to sunlight.

There should be proper spacing between clothes while hanging in closet. It is required for proper ventilation. Poor ventilation can create risks for moth.

You must avoid giving pressure on fur coat. You should avoid sitting over coat while on car. There is also need to avoid using shoulder bag while wearing your precious and delicate fur coat. You should always purchase one size larger garment. It will provide you extra comfort and space for wearing winter clothes.

Thus, these are some most trusted and reliable methods of taking care of fur clothes like full length mink coat. Though, maintenance of fur clothes is little time consuming and expensive process, but there are no short tricks for doing so.

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