3 Highly Profitable Blogging Niches for Mommy Bloggers

Blogging is one of the no-cost business ideas that can turn out to be a huge success and so it is my first suggestion to every mommy who asks me about working from home. Earlier, I discussed 5 points for mommies to consider before stepping into blogging business, and this article can be considered as Lessons 2 for all those mommies who want to start their own blog.

It took me a lot of time to find the best blogging niche while I was setting my mommy blog, and I know how difficult it could be for mommies to take time out for research. So, I will get to the point directly and will discuss the most profitable yet easy to do blogging niches that mommies can do best. Since majority of mommies out there are not tech savvy, I made sure to include only non-tech niches in the list.

profitable blogging niches for mommies

Since a majority of mommies out there are not tech savvy, I made sure to include only non-tech niches in the list.

1- Growing Your Own Food/Baking/Cooking; no matter you are a foody yourself or not, by the time you become a mommy, you are automatically involved in cooking in one way or other, and in fact, most of us get hands on it faster than we can think of. However, mommies are clueless about making money with a food blog, because everyone is telling them that it is extremely difficult to make money with a food related blog because the audience isn’t really looking to buy things, they just want recipes.

Let me tell you how to make money with food blogging:

  • Monetize your blog with Google AdSense for passive income.
  • Focus on “healthy cooking” and become an affiliate/ambassador of organic food brands.
  • Participate in cooking competitions.
  • Work directly with companies (of course food related products & services) and promote their offers/brand on your blog.
  • Bake on order if you have expertise in this area.
  • Write an eBook and sell it.

2- Fashion/Beauty/Health/Fitness; technically speaking, all four are individual niches and each of these is quite broad. Why I put them together is because they are quite relevant and you can make a unique combination to come up with a super awesome lifestyle blog.

The only problem with these niches is that you cannot just rely on great written content, these industries require more of a personal involvement i.e. you should be a fashion/beauty/fitness enthusiast yourself to build your blog as a brand.

Blog monetization in this category is, however, full of prospects, i.e.:

  • Google AdSense
  • Selling Affiliate Products (Commission Junction, Alibaba, and individual brands).
  • Events & Competitions
  • Being Brand Ambassador

3- Parenting/Home Improvement:

Being a parent is probably the most difficult job in the world, but the good thing is that you learn a great deal of lessons in quick time, let it cooking, kids’ health, your own fitness, home design & décor, organizing, gardening, traveling on budget or just anything that helps in creating better moments.

Sharing what you learned with others is a great way to help them, but sharing these things with masses through blogging is a great way to help others and make money. You can monetize your blog with any of the methods discussed above and it can go great.

The Bottom Line:

Blogging is a great business opportunity for mommies, but you need to figure out a profitable and doable niche for you first. I listed most popular ones above, but you can mix and match the niches discussed above or choose something that you have hands on experience of, i.e. careers, marketing, finance or anything that you have studied or worked in for at least one year.

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