20 Ways How Helping Others Helps You

We all want to do something meaningful n our lives, i.e. something that serves a purpose. Helping people certainly serves a purpose.

Helping others is not just helping them, but it’s helping yourself. Apart from mental satisfaction, you get benefits in helping others more than you can imagine!

we cannot help everyone but someone

Some benefits that I can count on fingers are:

1- You make new friends and contacts.

2- You get better social and relationship skills.

3- It increases self-confidence.

4- You get a deep satisfaction.

5- Helps you achieve natural sense of accomplishment.

6- It gives you a sense of pride and identity.

7- You feel better about yourself, which lets you develop positive view of your life and future goals.

8- It helps combating depression.

9- It helps improving mood and reducing stress & anxiety.

10- You stay physically healthy.

11- Symptoms of chronic pain or heart disease reduce dramatically.

12- Helping others can provide career experience.

13- You may get a chance to try out a new career without making a long-term commitment.

14- A great way to gain experience in a new field.

15- You may get valuable job skills.

16- It increases happiness.

17- You feel lucky.

18- You feel that you are needed and effective.

19- It takes the mind off worries for a while.

20- You feel generous.

And there’s hundreds and thousands more benefits, all you need to do is to help someone and certainly you will be paid back in one way or other.

And yes, we cannot help everyone, but certainly we can help someone!

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